Project Description

– Texte reçu pour la présentation du colloque –

Toward an internet for the future of Europe

The Internet Protocol today is supporting most forms of communications, from mobile telephony, to business applications, web browsing, all the way to social media. In the future it may also end up supporting the needs of various sensors, smart vehicles, as well as of cyber-physical systems which we sometimes call the Internet-of-Things. Thus rather than a communication infrastructure built on given routing and flow-control protocols, we can imagine a heterogenous but dense physical communication infrastructure that may support many different software defined virtual networks catering to private, public or even individual needs. This presentation will discuss how self-awareness can be built into a virtual network to match and adapt the existing physical resources to the user needs and constraints, and to monitor and verify whether the user requirements are indeed being met. These ideas may serve as a basis for a future European network infrastructure that spans our continent and to offer seamless communications worldwide.

The Speaker

The Speaker: Professor Erol Gelenbe is a French engineer and computer scientist who was born in Turkey and whose research covers the fields of complex interacting network systems.

After a career spent mostly in France, he has worked in the USA and is now based at Imperial College London. In recent years his research has addressed biological networks such as gene regulatory systems and neuronal networks, as well as novel protocols for the Internet based on learning and adaptation. He is a member of the French National Academy of Engineering, as well as of the Hungarian, Polish and Turkish Science Academies. His papers, since the years 2007-2014, appear in leading ACM and IEEE journals, as well as in the Physical Review. He has won awards in Belgium, Italy, France, the USA, the UK and in 2013 he received the « In Memoriam Dennis Gabor Award » in Budapest.